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 Helping you 
 Build Your Dreams 


Do you need a website?

It is now more important than ever before to have a trustworthy web presence and control the information and branding of what you do. Your business gains invaluable credibility, exposure, and marketing from having an easily accessible website and I am here to build you exactly that! Whether you need an update to your existing site, or if you are ready for something new from scratch, I can turn your vision into reality.

  • Portfolios, Online Resumes
  • Educational Websites
  • Nonprofit Websites
  • Contact and Scheduling pages
  • eCommerce websites
  • Blogs and Web-Brochures
  • Directories and Member Only Portals
  • ...and whatever else you might need!
A wide variety of platforms available

Most sites are relatively simple technology-wise, and my aim is to work with you to build something I can easily show you, and train you to take over and maintain once I've set it up*.

To this end, I recommend you choose one of the many out of the box solutions such as, Wordpress, or Squarespace as your website provider. Each of these sites and templates are mobile ready, and their integration serves most every need. 

*But I am also available for ongoing website maintenance.

Sliding scale based on project type and size

You will pay for all website purchase related costs as those arise (custom domain, storage, and any of the following if we decide they are needed for your custom site: templates, plugins, custom email addresses, and so forth).


My labor comes either at a project based flatfee, or can be hired hourly, depending on what we agree befits your vision and budget. 

A full website build labor flatfee typically depends on

  • The number of pages on your site

  • The complexity of your site’s functions (I am able to build anything from easy and straight forward sites to online stores, or password protected member only areas within your site, or searchable databases - depending on what your needs are. pay only for what you need!)

  • The level of branding involved (if you have a branded vision ready to go, I can build it out quicker!)

  • The level of editing or sourcing of collateral (will you need videos, pictures, or newsletter headers sourced or edited?)

50% of the labor fee is due up front when its a flatfeet project.

Reach out for a free consultation to discuss your needs - I will send you a clear breakdown of my quote and recommendations. Happy to offer custom packages. Get in touch now!
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(Virtual) Event Support

The world has changed very quickly to where online virtual events are the safest way to gather large number of people.This technical field is quickly changing but I am continually exploring new solutions, and can consult with you to find your ideal event setting, whether that be live stream, pre-produced, publicly available, or accessible only to a limited audience. I also have extensive experience setting up event registration and communications - let me know what you need!
Online Presence

Your event needs a strong enticing online presence: whether it be across social media or on a dedicated full website, I can help you build it - and maintain it

Streaming solutions

There are a myriad different ways to bring your content to your audience. We do live, pre-recorded, and hybrid solutions and can stream to almost any destination of your choice.


If you wish to charge entry, or even if your event is free, I can help you set up a registration system and integrate it with your site and social media for optimum sales.

With a comprehensive range of services, I strive to ensure that your event and streaming needs are not just met, but exceeded.

Audience Engagement

Give your audience an experience to remember - and talk about. Let me know what you wish to achieve - I build custom solutions!

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Video Production

Commercials, Lectures, Fundraiser shows - it can all look a little better. Let me help. From simple intro titles, editing, to full production of videos.


Data Management & Admin Support

Setting Up and Managing all of your different data sources and flows can be time consuming and often frustrating.

Get some help so you can concentrate on your actual business!

I enjoy working closely with my clients to create customized data flows and archives that are seamlessly integrated with existing systems, and remain effective and sustainable for many years to come.
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Data work comes either at a project based flat-fee, or can be hired hourly, depending on what we agree befits your project.






and a whole lot more


Who Builds? Dora!


My name is Dora and I have been building websites and optimized data for over 15 years - for work, and for fun. Most of my work experience has been in educational settings, nonprofits, and always involved a large degree of events (and data generated thereof). I have supported anything from small fundraisers to planned and hosted multi-day conferences for 450+ people. I enjoy solving problems and finding custom solutions to the issues at hand. I also enjoy spreadsheets... a lot. Because of my background, I always look for free and open-source solutions as well as paid ones, and make recommendations with your budget in mind.  This goes for plugins, stock photos, and other additional services.

I enjoy audiobooks, podcasts, running, and generally geeking out to interesting things.

Large network of contractors

If parts of your project requires experience out of my immediate skill-set, or requires a team, I have a wide range of contacts who I collaborate with. For example: I don’t do copy-writing, but I work with others who do and can hire a subcontractor (though many of my clients to do their own copy-writing anyway, to make sure their vision translates to the fullest).

Based in Berkeley. Working on dreams worldwide


Reach out for your free consultation

Do you have a project that needs full execution, or just a bit of help? Some ideas that need refining, 
or an event, system, or page that needs to be built? Let's talk!

Thanks for reaching out - I will get back to you ASAP

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